The Optical Store

At The Optical Store we have been serving the community at Westwood Square close to 40 years! We offer eye examination service and sell a wide range of name brand products of frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids, swimming goggles, sport goggles and prescription lenses. Moreover, our experienced staff and licensed optician will help our clients to select the right set of glasses to meet their visual requirements and budget. When it comes to eyewear, it is very personal and we all have different needs.

Since I wear glasses myself, I fully understand the difficulties of choosing a pair of glasses or frames - it can be overwhelming at times! Particularly for parents or consumers who are not equipped with in-depth product knowledge. Certainly, I see the value of establishing The Optical Store as a place that offers a great deal of help in assisting the community to make an informed decision on their eyewear, and a place that provides a wonderful shopping experience that the community will benefit from.

Westwood Square has been established and known to the community in Malton for a long time - we all know where to go to find the service or products we need. In addition, the most recent renovation of the Square also brings new vendors and new services which further enhance the shopping experience. For The Optical Store, we are noticing this positive change continues to bring new shoppers from different areas of the GTA.  As a business owner, I truly believe that quality and personable support from the mall management is one of the most crucial elements in conducting a successful business. At Westwood Square I have witnessed the positive impact of working together with mall management to produce support and growth. 

Here at The Optical Store, service is at the centre of what we do and this can be seen through how word has spread about our store throughout the community. Through word-of-mouth, social media and google reviews our business has grown because of the positive experience our customers have had at our store. I attribute this to our team here at The Optical Store and how much we care about our clientele and our loyal customer base - thank you!